Traditional Aran jumper - unisex


This 100% wool Aran jumper is a tried and tested classic jumper. Fashions may come and go but an Aran jumper like these is a perennial favourite.

It features the traditional Aran pattern which takes its name from the Aran islands off the West coast of Ireland.

Made in the UK these jumpers are suitable for both men and women – our sizing is men’s so ladies may want to pick a smaller size than usual.

Like all our woollen products these have a natural ‘sheep’ smell.

This product comes in cream and cream-nep. Cream-nep is very similar to cream but with flecks of grey / black – an easy colour to keep clean!

Pattern - the Aran pattern (cable and diamonds) can vary slightly from the image - due to differing production methods. It is always made in the UK with British Wool however.

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