Tweed 'Ghillie' hat


Our ghillie hat is a versatile hat, similar in shape to the well known Sherlock Holmes style deerstalker but without flaps. The hat features a peak at both the front and the back, these are joined at the middle of the hat meaning the hat can be easily bent in half without ruining the shape – making it ideal to slip into your pocket (see photo).

The outer woollen tweed is of excellent quality and made of a wool blend. At the very top of the hat all the pieces of tweed join together in a simple tweed button. The inner material lining is quilted and very comfortable to wear.

The word ‘ghillie’ or ‘gillie’ is a traditional Scottish Gaelic term meaning “lad” or “servant” but these days can mean a gamekeeper or someone who acts as an attendant to country sports in the Highlands. The ghillie hat is a popular style worn for country sports due to its durability and functionality in all weather.

Due to the unique nature of these products the colours can vary slightly from the picture as we use the tweed material available to us at the time.

Made in the UK from wool blend (outer).

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