Pieced Sheepskin Mittens


A pair of genuine sheepskin mittens that are warm and cosy in cold weather.

Made using 100% sheepskin, these are called 'pieced' sheepskin mittens because both the back and the palm are made of two pieces of sheepskin, hence the join down the middle of the mitten. With extra pieces for the thumb of course.

Our pieced mittens work out slightly cheaper than our 'whole piece' mittens due to the economies of using smaller pieces of sheepskin - we can manufacture more pieced mittens from a single sheepskin.

Due to the natural qualities of sheepskin the colour WILL vary a little from the photos. The tan specifically can often be more gingery in colour. The sheepskin fleece inner and cuff also vary with some being a solid colour and others being slightly patterned depending on the breed of sheep used. Some cuffs may be tan, brown or black some may be white. Consistent throughout all the mittens however is the exceptional quality.

There are no sizes – one size fits all (ladies)!

If you have any queries or requests regarding the colour or size please phone 015242 51747 before placing your order and we can help to ensure you are getting exactly what you want, we have a massive selection of colours.

Made in the EU.

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